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A new home for legal practitioners


The legal landscape is changing
From 1 February 2018 the legal profession in South Africa will be regulated in terms of the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014, through the Legal Practice Council (LPC) as the compulsory statutory, regulatory body for all legal practitioners.

This creates a single national statutory body.
As a result the provincial law societies and Law Society of South Africa will fall away.

This necessitates the formation of a broad-based professional interest association – a new home for all legal practitioners

The professional association will not only focus on representing the interests of practitioners and be the voice of practitioners, but also position and promote the legal profession as the Rule of Law champion and protector and promoter of constitutional rights.

A Task Team of the LSSA council has drafted a working paper. This paper was adopted by the LSSA council on 29 September 2016. View it here.
View the presentation.

Objects of the Legal Practice Council Role of the representative body (Guiding principles)
Facilitate transformation and restructuring Ensuring independence of the legal profession
Ensure fees are reasonable and enhance access to justice Recognising the status, dignity, value and role of legal practitioners in creating a just society (advocacy)
Promote and protect public interest Ensuring independence of the legal profession
Regulate legal practitioners and candidate legal practitioners
Promoting high standards of practice
Preserve and uphold the independence of the legal profession Promoting a culture of professional development
Enhance and maintain integrity and status of the profession Committing to a code of ethics
Determine, enhance, maintain standards and ethics Respecting transformational imperatives
Promote legal education and CPD standards Promoting and protecting constitutional values
Promote access to legal profession and RSA demographics Strengthening regional and international engagement
Ensure access to and sustaining of law graduates Responding dynamically to change
Advance Rule of Law/administration of justice/Constitution

Ensuring best practice in governance.
















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