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The control of the Law Society of South Africa vests in the Council. The Council determines the policy of the LSSA in accordance with its aims and objectives as set out in its constitution.

* Denotes members of the Management Committee (Manco). Manco acts on behalf of the Council between Council meetings on such matters as the Co-Chairpersons may determine.

Council Members

Walid Brown* (Co-Chairperson)
David Bekker* (Co-Chairperson)
Noxolo Maduba (Black Lawyers Association)
Mabaeng Denise Lenyai (Black Lawyers Association)
Lunga Peter (Black Lawyers Association)
Nkosana Francois Mvundlela* (Black Lawyers Association)
David Geard (Cape Law Society)
Ettienne Barnard* (Cape Law Society)
Peter Horn (Cape Law Society)
Richard Scott* (KwaZulu-Natal Law Society)
Johan Fouché (Law Society of the Free State)
Jan Stemmett (Law Society of the Northern Provinces)
Anthony Millar (Law Society of the Northern Provinces)
Dave Bennett (Law Society of the Northern Provinces)
Jan van Rensburg* (Law Society of the Northern Provinces)
Xolile Ntshulana* (National Association of Democratic Lawyers)
Mvuzo Notyesi* (President, National Association of Democratic Lawyers)
Max Boqwana (National Association of Democratic Lawyers)
Nolitha Jali (National Association of Democratic Lawyers)
Sam Mkhonto (National Association of Democratic Lawyers)
Lutendo Sigogo Ex Officio, President, Black Lawyers Association; President, Law Society of the Northern Provinces
Assif Essa Ex Officio, President, KwaZulu-Natal Law Society
Lulama Lobi Ex Officio, President, Cape Law Society
Cuma Siyo Ex Officio, President, Law Society of the Free State